About Lending Builder: Experts In Funding

LendingBuilder is a site that educates, informs and reviews funding solutions for small business owners. Our unbiased content is centered around informing the masses about business loans, merchant advances, asset-based financing and online lenders.

We also write informative articles about the non-bank financing industry as a whole. The goal is to educate you about business funding and the institutions involved so you can make an informed decision about the right product and company for you. While our main objective is educate you, we also provide you the opportunity to apply for funding.

Unlike other industry sites we tell it like it is. We have a special category called Words of Warning, which consists of articles discussing the pitfalls and dangers of some non-bank financing solutions. Also, if we promote a company, it’s because we genuinely believe in them, and not because they’re paying us to do so. Although if we are getting paid to promote a company, that will be disclaimed within the article in a conspicuous manner.

We spend a significant amount of time researching each company and financial product so you don’t have to. We like to think we do a good, fair and honest job, though we’re not perfect and sometimes we don’t get it right. However, our promise to you is that we’ll always spend as much time as necessary to be as accurate as we can with each article. If we get it wrong, we’ll admit our mistake and correct our articles as needed / requested.