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CreditFirm is a credit repair company. They are one of the oldest companies offering credit repair services. And their unique offer is an unparalleled level of legal experience. They also tailor their service with your own goals. So, let’s look into the CreditFirm credit repair process.

The CreditFirm Credit Repair Process

The CreditFirm process begins with a free consultation. It’s during this time that they will assess your situation and formulate any possible solutions to your credit challenges.

Your free consultation will center around a review of your credit report. Using your report, CreditFirm’s professionals will come up with an “action plan” as they put it. They will come up with a step-by-step plan to improve your credit score based on your credit history and your current financial situation.


Credit Repair

  • 15+ Years In Business

  • Price: $49.999/mo

  • Improve your credit score

Credit Repair

Keep in mind that this is a credit repair process. Unlike other companies, CreditFirm doesn’t offer you a one-size-fits-all financial solution. The CreditFirm credit repair process is a specialized one that directly targets the root cause of your credit score. They can help you fix bad credit, or help you improve fair or better credit if you’d like. The process is meant to get your credit score to the number you want it to be. But to do so, you need to follow their professional advice.

Special Qualities & Features

Extensive Specialized Experience

CreditFirm has over 15 years’ experience repairing individual credit scores. In fact, the company was formed by a group of attorneys in 1997 with that one goal in mind.

The attorneys that started CreditFirm specialized in dealing with:

  • Credit reporting agencies
  • Creditors
  • The CDIA

The knowledge behind CreditFirm’s employees empowers them to target your specific credit challenges. They know what it takes to correct past credit mistakes.

Audit By Attorney

One unique aspect of the CreditFirm credit repair process is its audit. CreditFirm will have a licensed attorney conduct a legal audit of your credit report. They will also use their professional knowledge in every document they send to your creditors. They will also consult with their FCRA compliance validation database before doing so.

The precise steps they take allows CreditFirm to decisively and legally fix the challenges holding your credit score back.

CreditFirm Pricing & Terms

CreditFirm charges a standard rate of $49.99 per month. The first payment is charged 5 days after you sign of for their program.

During the 5 days between your enrollment and first payment, CreditFirm will begin the first round of investigations into your credit situation. They will then have a case file established before your first charge. After your first charge, you’ll be billed monthly.


Credit Repair

  • 15+ Years In Business

  • Price: $49.999/mo

  • Improve your credit score

Services Included

The standard service package from CreditFirm includes:

A Credit Audit

CreditFirm will go over your credit report differently than other credit repair companies would. Their specialty is investigating your report with a fine legal comb. They can then prepare the best legal action plan to increase your score.

Bureau Challenges

The same plan also includes unlimited investigations into your credit reports. It doesn’t matter how many accounts there are on the reports.

Bureau Legal Verification

CreditFirm will verify that the credit bureaus are complying with the law when it comes to everything on your credit report. They do so through an accepted legal verification procedure.

Variance Removal

Personal information variances can reduce your credit score. So, CreditFirm works to remove multiple names, addresses, and other variances from your credit report. Those variances that are incorrect, unverifiable, or just incomplete will be removed. CreditFirm works to do more than just increase your credit score to make you appear more creditworthy to lenders.

Collection Agency Defence

As a part of the same $49.99 package, CreditFirm will help you by contacting harassing collection agencies on your behalf. They will use the FDCPA to stop any harassment these collection agencies are putting you through.

Factors To Keep In Mind With CreditFirm Credit Repair

Simple Contract

When you look closer into CreditFirm’s services, all you see is even more simplicity than you expected. 

CreditFirm doesn’t charge any hidden fees. They just charge through a simple monthly contract that you can cancel anytime.

Educational Resources

CreditFirm offers information and educational tools for you to use. Make sure you read the education section on their site. Take advantage of that and any advice that their experts give you. 

The Last Word On CreditFirm Credit Repair

CreditFirm’s credit repair process is unique and relatively affordable. Most credit repair companies offer a similar service. CreditFirm’s services fall in line with industry standards as well. But the firm’s legal approach and expertise stand apart. Their all-encompassing legal approach simply offers you benefits you won’t just stumble upon at any old credit repair company.


Credit Repair

  • 15+ Years In Business

  • Price: $49.999/mo

  • Improve your credit score

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