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The Credit People review

The Credit People is a popular name in the credit repair industry. The company offers its customers “quick credit repair”. It’s a simple enough offer, but there are a few unique offers that they have. Also, The Credit People offers cheap trials and free consultations if you’re curious. So, let’s look into how The Credit People stacks up in our The Credit People Review.

The Credit People Review: Special Qualities & Features

Money-Back Guarantee

The Credit People stands apart with its money-back guarantee. The company states that if you don’t see any results after the 60th day of paying for their services, you can get your money back. That’s a strong guarantee for a credit repair company.

Credit repair is typically a long process that takes months. It generally requires patience and there are no “quick-fix” solutions. That makes their offer quite unique. But make sure you read their specific money-back guarantees for the plan you choose if you choose to use their services.


The Credit Repair People has been around for over 15 years. They’ve dealt with enough customers to understand the challenges and frustrations that come with a low credit score. They don’t offer the easiest available solution. But their money-back guarantee lines up with their confidence that they can produce results quickly.

Short Paid Trial

Most credit repair companies don’t offer any kind of trial. But interestingly, The Credit People offers a $19 7-day trial.

This offer is in part to help customers new to credit repair services. If you don’t know what to expect when you work with a credit repair company, this is the cheapest experiment you can find.

Of course, you’re very unlikely to notice any serious changes to your credit in just one week. But one week is long enough for you to be able to experience a professional explanation of your credit score. In the first week, you can get:

  • A professional assessment of your credit score and reports
  • An understanding of what The Credit People can do for you
  • An introduction to credit repair processes

The Credit People Review: Pricing & Terms

The Credit People offers a quick 7-day trial for just $19. If you want to use their services after that, you need to sign up for their full plan. The full plan includes either one flat-rate payment or a pay-as-you-go scheme.

The pay-as-you-go plan costs $79 per month. Your first charge would come a few days after you sign up for the plan. After your first charge, you would pay the $79 fee monthly. The plan can be cancelled at any time.

The flat-rate membership plan involves one lump payment of $419 for six months of service. That rate works out to $74 less than you’d pay over six months with their pay-as-you-go plan. Cancelling this plan would, of course, be pointless. But they still offer their money-back guarantee in case you don’t see any results within the first 60 days.

The Credit People Review: Factors To Keep In Mind

Take Advantage Of Extra Resources

The Credit People offers one free credit consultation. If you choose to work with them, take advantage of the free consultation first. It can also be advantageous to take advantage of their $19 trial. 

When you sign up for their services, you get a free credit report and score. This is another factor you should take advantage of. Use their free/cheap resources and expertise while you think about whether you should work with The Credit People.

Refund Disputes

While The Credit People has happy customers, there are some complaints customers have. Most of them seem to surround the refund process. 

The guarantee offered by The Credit People includes a one-month refund if you choose to pay-as-you-go. If you take their flat fee offer, they offer a six-month satisfaction guarantee. 

Make sure you read their satisfaction guarantee processes before you sign up for either plan to avoid confusion.

The Credit People Review: The Last Word

The Credit People is an older and more experienced credit repair company. Their offers are standard for a credit repair company. But they do offer cheaper rates and a few extras which much of their competition forgoes on.

Make sure you read their policies and the details of their plan before you sign up. Also, feel free to take advantage of their free consultation and $19 trial if you want to use their services but are unsure if they can help you.

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