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even financial personal loans

Even Financial is a loan matchmaking service that connects you with personal loans. Even Financial personal loans are among the most diverse that you can be offered. With such widely varying rates, Even Financial is a good platform for any borrower.

All loans available on Even Financial follow a few set rules. Apart from those rules, the loans can all differ greatly. So, let’s jump right in and see what Even Financial has to offer.

Even Financial Special Qualities & Features

Appropriate For Good & Poor Credit

Even Financial personal loans can be appropriate for anyone with a credit score of at least 550.

Even Financial offers bad-credit loans with high APRs. But they also offer loans with low rates too. For the borrowers with the best credit scores, Even Financial can match you with loans with APRs as low as 3.84%. Between these extremes, there are too many loans and rates to cover in one simple review.

This is one area where Even Financial stands apart from much of its competition. Even if your credit is fair or better, you can be matched with loans appropriate for you.

One Application For Many Potential Offers

Even Financial allows you to compare many different rates with just one application. After you complete an application for Even Financial, you can be prequalified for several lenders available to you. Filling out their form takes minutes, but the result of this application is many loans to choose from.

You are matched with Even Financial personal loans with their FIONA connection service. Their partnership makes it easy for you to hunt for an appropriate loan. Their platform simply uses your information to qualify you for many different lenders. So, they just save you countless time and energy by conducting your search for you.

Real-Time Comparison

Even Financial has a special tool for comparisons. Use it for real-time rate comparison between their partner lenders.

Support Options

If you have questions, you have access to support by:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Online live chat communication

Pricing & Terms

As a lending marketplace, you may get a very wide variety of rates offered to you. The exact rates you get will be primarily determined by your credit score.

Even Financial personal loans have APRs starting at just 3.84%. If you have bad credit, the maximum APR you will find on Even Financial is 35.99%.

Even Financial only offers long-term personal loans. This can be a good feature for many borrowers, as longer terms will mean smaller individual payments. The minimum loan term for Even Financial personal loans is 2 years. The maximum is 7 years.

Just as APRs on Even Financial personal loans vary widely, so do their fees. Different lenders may charge their own fees. So, pay close attention to the terms on any loan you are considering.

Do I Qualify For Even Financial Personal Loans?

The requirements for Even Financial personal loans are similar to other lending marketplaces. You can qualify for at least one of their loans if you have:

  • A credit score of at least 550
  • American citizenship or permanent residency
  • ID showing you are at least 21 years old

Factors To Keep In Mind When Looking For Even Financial Personal Loans

Even Financial Personal Loans Aren’t From FIONA Or Even Financial

When you sign up for Even Financial, you are simply given a list of possible lenders. When you choose to take a loan out, you will be redirected to the Even Financial partner lender you selected. So, once you go through Even Financial, the process of getting a loan is the same as going directly to that particular lender.

Every partner lender on Even Financial has its own rates and requirements. That’s why Even Financial personal loan rates vary so widely. You have to do your due diligence and prepare yourself for any loan you choose. Even Financial is just a lending marketplace with some useful extra features.

Aggressive Marketing

Some users complain that Even Financial calls too often. Other users report they send marketing emails even after you take a loan. You are free to ignore these marketing attempts if you wish. Also, you can exercise your rights if any company subjects you to invasive marketing methods.

Limited Providers

Even Financial works with some of the best lenders available through lending marketplaces. Still, their overall selection isn’t as large as other matchmakers’. This shouldn’t be a significant problem for you. Just remember that you can always look elsewhere if you don’t think you’ve found the right loan on Even Financial.

Even Financial Competitors

Even Financial competes head to head with another market place lender called SuperMoney, and direct Honest Loans and OppLoans. It’s best to explore all options before committing to one marketplace platform or lender.

The Last Word On Even Financial Personal Loans

Even Financial personal loans vary so widely that they can be a good option for most borrowers. Their process is simple and their rates are often good. You just need to meet their simple 550 FICO credit score requirement. If you do, you should be able to get a good personal loan through them.

Quickly compare personal loans:
Personal Lender Minimum Credit Minimum Income Proof of Citizenship Next Steps
550+ N/A U.S. Citizen or Green Card Shop Deals
Bad Credit OK $800 per Month U.S. Citizen Apply Here
Bad Credit OK $1500 per month U.S. Citizen Apply Here
Bad Credit OK N/A U.S. Citizen See if you qualify
Bad Credit OK N/A U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident See if you qualify
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