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There are a lot of old credit repair companies out there. But The Credit Pros is new to the industry. Starting in 2008, the company has made its mark quickly. It’s an A+ company with the Better Business Bureau. And it’s even been on Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies list for 5 years. In this The Credit Pros review, we’re going to find out why.

The Credit Pros Review: Special Qualities & Features

Multiple Credit Services

The Credit Pros offers a wide array of credit protection and repair services. They will diligently stand up for your credit by going after all three major credit bureaus. The ultimate goal is to see as many negative factors taken off your credit score as possible. All while keeping you informed of your credit situation. To that end, The Credit Pros offers:

  • 24-hour online credit monitoring
  • Credit score and report updates
  • Detailed in-depth analysis for each credit report
  • Identity theft protection
  • Letters to credit bureaus
  • Cancellation at any time

FICO Specialists

The professionals at The Credit Pros are qualified FICO consultants. FICO credit scores are their area of expertise.

Most good credit repair companies have an area of focus. While other companies focus on, for example, legal issues surrounding credit, The Credit Pros specialize in simply maximizing your FICO score. To do so, they will scrutinize everything on your credit reports and look to legally remove anything negative.

Very User-Friendly Site

A site’s user-friendliness is important for long-term cooperation. Credit repair is a months-long process that includes constant online activity. The Credit Pros understands this. Their site is clean and easy to navigate.

Their portal allows casual monitoring of your credit online. You don’t need to be an expert to understand the information that they share with you. You can visit the 24/7 online access portal for up-to-date information and reports.


The Credit Pros is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. They conduct their business openly and transparently.

Customers of The Credit Pros have some complaints with aspects of their services. But The Credit Pros seems to handle any issues quickly and professionally. They maintain positive feedback on neutral platforms like the Better Business Bureau.

Identity Theft Protection

One important addition to The Credit Pros services is identity theft protection.

Identity theft can be closely related to your credit score. You often won’t realize when you’re the victim of it. But regardless, it’ll often affect your credit score very negatively.

To help safeguard your credit, identity theft protection and identity theft restoration AND insurance are included in The Credit Pros plans.

Unlimited Dispute Letters 

The Credit Pros will reach out to the major credit bureaus on your behalf. From the moment you sign up, they will look into all three reports and challenge any incorrect or unverifiable items. You can keep up with any such disputes from your portal.

The Credit Pros Review: Pricing & Terms

The Credit Pros offers a wide variety of payment plans. Their most basic plan will cost you $19 per month. But their most comprehensive plan would cost you $149 per month.

Pricing plans at The Credit Pros only need to be as comprehensive as you need them to be. Their plans are as follows:

CreditSentry Monitoring: $19 per month

  • TransUnion credit score updates
  • TransUnion credit monitoring
  • Social security trace monitoring 
  • ID Cover

Money Management plan: $119 per month

  • Everything in the CreditSentry plan
  • Bill reminders
  • Budget monitoring
  • Line of credit from HuttonChase department store
  • Debt validation letters to creditors
  • Debt management systems

Prosperity Package plan: $119 per month

  • Everything in the CreditSentry plan
  • Similar to Money Management plan, but with 80% off medication from Slash Rx instead of HuttonChase line of credit

Success Package plan: $149 per month

  • The most comprehensive plan
  • Everything in the CreditSentry plan
  • Both discounts from Prosperity Package and Money Management plans

All packages come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Discounts are available for family members and military members.

For a full view of what each package offers, check out their pricing plans here.

The Credit Pros Review: Factors To Keep In Mind

Credit Report Auditing

The services The Credit Pros offers surround removing negative items from your credit report. They can’t make magic happen, and they can’t break the law by lying on your behalf. What they can do is have anything they can legally have removed from your credit report taken off.

The Credit Pros Review: The Last Word

The Credit Pros isn’t the cheapest credit repair company. But they offer fair prices for comprehensive credit repair plans.

In particular, all of the plans they offer beyond the CreditSentry plan include all the critical aspects of credit repair and more. The company is trusted and has produced results for many customers. If you want to have a peek at what they can offer you, consider trying a free consultation with them first. 

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